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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Soon it will all be over!

Starting to freak out about how soon he is coming. I am really not looking forward to birth, at all. It's kinda scary that he has to come out. I hope he doesn't have a big head. Our Birthing From Within Class is over on Wednesday (tomorrow) so hopefully I have all the tools I need to have this baby!
My shower is this weekend, which is so unbelieveable that it has come up on me so fast. This last month is just going to fly by!
I am not sleeping at all. My mom says that I just have to live with it because he is just going to get bigger and that 's a good thing. Also, I am always hungry but I can't eat as much because of the massive heartburn and the fact that my stomach is have the size it use to be.
He gets hiccups everyday, which can be annoying but it lets me know that he is okay because he is trying to breathe. (I can't wait til I get to breathe again).
I think it's a natural progression to want to get the baby out, or women would never go into labour. It's the wanting the baby out that makes you work hard to get him out!!


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