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Saturday, September 03, 2011


When most people post about Sanctimommies they are talking about me.
Someone who Co-Sleeps (doesnt CIO), Babywears (every day all day), Births at Home, Breastfeeds well into toddlerhood, delayed or selective Vaccination, eats Organic. (or as organic as I can do at the moment), Homeschools (oooh..that is a new one!) etc. etc. etc. etc.
Oh wait! And the pinnicle is that they tell other people about thier way of life.... guilty.
But here is the thing. I dont really care if you used CIO, wear a Bjorn or use a Stroller, Fed Formula because you think that it is better than Breastmilk. I dont care if you had an Elective C-Section, Vaccinated right on Schedule or Eat at McDonalds every other week. I honestly do not care nor wish to change your mind if you are happy for all the decisions that you have made while rearing your young child. Honestly.
It does not affect me or my family.
I can say that with my hand on my heart. We are all different people who do things for different reasons, I don't judge you, and you don't judge me....right?
Wait...well maybe I do judge...because there is ONE itty bitty thing that makes me want to run up to another parent and slap them accross the face with thier own childs want to know what it is?? Something that DOES affect me and my family....
I have been to MANY MANY a playground this summer, at all times of the day and I have noticed (and so have my kids) a growing populace of young tweens (8-15 yrs of age) at the playground alone (and you Free Rangers would LOVE this), but its not all make believe and fun play.
Its blatent, hurtful, un called for Bullying.
"I am going to kill you if you touch the swing"
"I am going to hit you if you go on the slide"
"EWWW! You kissed your brother! You are GAY!"
"I don't like you"
"I am not going to play with you"
Screaming, "Its our Ball, Get OVER it!!" to a 3 year old....
and then when confronted, by this overzealous sanctimommy, "That is RUDE. You will NOT talk to my children in that manner." I get, sheepish, "sorrys" and "I was only jokings"
So moms. There it is.
Teach your kid some RESPECT and all will be right with the world.


Kelsey Fiona said...

I agree with you 100%

I've seen some interesting lack of respect over the past year at work. From both children and adults.

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