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Monday, November 29, 2010

Is Santa Real?

Every year there are a slurry of posts about whether or not to "do" Santa. Lots of parents feel like it is lying to their kids and do not feel comfortable with it.
This post of Code Name Mama really breaks it down on why that particular blogger doesn't engage in the Santification of Christmas.
I get it. I really do. Of course we don't want to lie to our kids about anything, but you are lying to yourself if you think that you will never stretch the truth with regards to your kids.
I hate the commercialization of Christmas. There is nothing that I hate more than having to think of some gift that you know is just going to get re-gifted or returned or the like. Wasting money. I would rather give homemade items or things that I know will get used.
I personally think that Christmas is only for children, and because of that we "do" Santa every year. For me it's not lying. I don't tell my kids that there is a Santa. I ask them what they think, and they think that he is real.
Who am I to tell them that he isn't? Just because I personally don't believe in something doesn't mean that it ceases to exist for anyone else.
Also, because St. Nick was a real person, (as far as anyone knows) then why can't we still celebrate the idea?
Really.... I am finding it harder to explain to my son the story of Jesus. And you know what? I use the exact same wording when it comes to Jesus and God as I do for Santa.
Some people believe in Santa. Do you Keenan? How do you think he gets from house to house, etc etc. Some people believe in Jesus. Do you Keenan? Do you think there were angels at his birth? And you know what...he does.
Is it lying that I don't tell him MY belief on God or Jesus or angels, or fairies etc.
I want my kids to question the world and question my beliefs and my parent's beliefs and my husband's beliefs and on and on...because they are human, and we have the ability to think and learn for ourselves.
So I will provide information, and let my kids believe in what they want to believe and support that decision and play along....because really I have never stopped believing.
Santa, in my opinion is the spirit of giving.


Sam said...

I 100% agree with you. I was just saying to my mom this morning that Christmas is for kids, it's magical for them. I still find the story of Santa magical. We're not Christian, so for us, it's all about Santa, the spirit of giving, and spending time as a family.

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