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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Other Side of the Face(book)

I am a big fan of Facebook. I like to look at other peoples profiles, yes creep, and love to see pictures and videos of people that I can't see in real life. I have over 300 "friends" and have joined many a group and a fan page over the last year. I like to chat, as other people seem to choose that over the phone, and I just like to feel connected.
My DH is out of town alot so FB becomes a little like going out on a Friday night to me. Socializing, laughing, commenting on pictures and posts etc....but in the last couple weeks I have become a little disillusioned by the glorious Facebook.
The thing is that nothing is private anymore. Nothing is new news. If I do end up talking on the phone with someone I already know what they are going to say. I already saw their status update, pics from the zoo, and the video of the birthday party. So what do you talk about? Other peoples walls..."so did you see what suzie did yesterday?" "yea that video was funny".
It kinda gets old...and a wee bit boring.
The worst part that has happened just recently was that I was party to a "discussion" between a couple of my the old way (like 5 years ago) they would have picked up the phone or met for coffee to discuss their disagreement, and I would not have had any idea that they were having an issue. They may or may not have included me, and even then I would have had to take their word for I saw the whole thing; and BOTH sides were not very nice to eachother. I kind of feel like the kid whose parents want to get divorced and they are arguing and the kid is sitting there with her ears covered, but she still knows what they are saying.
It was just bad.
I really did not want to see that side of my friends, especially directed at eachother. It makes me that much more uncomfortable.
So for me that was kind of the end of Facebook as I know it.
Dont get me wrong, I will still post and check it etc, but I need to get off of it and make an effort to see people in real life where words do not get confused in tone.


Kelly said...

Yeah, sometimes my husband gets upset when he reads something on my personal blog that he didn't hear from me first. It's never anything big, but he still feels hurt sometimes. And my SIL was so angry at me because she found out about my last pregnancy via facebook and not from me directly, even though we never talk and we're not close. I love facebook, but it does cause unnecessary drama.

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