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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The right to bring kids.

I have kids, yes I do. Two of them in fact. Excitable, active, inquisitive children. One toddler, and one preschooler.
I have been noticing of late that we (my family and I) seem to be getting the shaft when it comes to family get togethers when the occur *outside* the home. It seems as though while the grandparents love and cherish their grandchildren they do not want to see them in public. Which some would say is understandable.
While I do agree that there are certain things that children should not be invited to as a wedding, a funeral and the like, a family dinner, a graduation dinner, a birthday dinner are all things that they SHOULD.
Now, it could just be that I feel like this because I feel not being invited to said events is like discrimination. Discrimination for having children. Like Joey's Tomatoes who just dont have a kids menu, and good luck finding a high chair.
So maybe it is because the grandparents dont want to eat at Boston Pizza, that could be a reasonable explanation. I would take that explanation. I would understand that eating out with small children can be annoying. I get it.
However, to invite the other siblings, the ones that *dont* have children, or *choose* not to, is in my opinion just mean.
That is where the discrimination comes in.
If we were invited we would decline to go to fancy restaurants or try and get a sitter.
But we would need the invite first.


Stinx' Mom said...

We should do a loud obnoxious dinner at Boston Pizza together some time :)

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