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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too Funny

My Hubby wants to get his motorcycle liscence. Which is fine, if it didn't cost $400. We just are not in the finacial wherewithall to blow money like that on a hobby he would only do for 3 months of the year. Or here in Calgary, maybe 2.
He said that he wanted to get his liscence with his partner at work and this guy Paul. I said no. He whined. I said no some more. Then I asked him if Paul and his partner had any kids to support, no. Did they have a wife to support, partner no, Paul yes. I then went on to tell my hubby that he partner and Paul probably are in a complete other income bracket than us and that they can afford to buy lessons and motorcycles and that one day soon we may be able to as well.
He agreeed that his partner and Paul were in different income brackets and yes they did have extra money lying around.
It then occured to me to ask who was this guy Paul he was talking about going with. He replied my partners brother-in-law.
I laughed so hard. This so called brother in law is Paul Brandt!!!
A top selling, multi platinum country recording artist, with like 3 houses! He is friends with Shania Twain for gosh sake! Different income bracket indeed.
So funny.


Passionate Apathetic said...

Paul is awesome, and your husband is so lucky to be invited to hang out with him and his partner, that it is an absolute shame that you would even consider that he shouldn't do it - just think how much you could auction that off for - way more than $400.00. And besides, he might by you something nice - like jewelery. (No this is not your husband)

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