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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Going on Vaycay!!

As most of you know I am on my way to sunny old Ontario for the remainder of the summer. So no, you can't get a hold of me.
A whole 20days without the internet, how will I ever survive? As you can see it is now 11pm and my flight is in 6hours and I am not sleeping yet. Why? Because I am addicted to the net and I need to be in constant contact with everyone. No really, Im just tieing up loose ends.
An email here a counter there.
I am going to miss my hubby like crazy. And it's no fun that I will be with his whole family without him for 10days. I can't wait until we can be at the cottage together.
This will be the first and only time I ever go without him again.
Too stressfull.
So don't email me, and comments won't be posted. It's like I will have stepped into a black abyss.
But the jet boat will be fun!!
Vroom, vroom!!


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