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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Teeth and Words

Keenan said his first word. Ready for it?? B-O-O-K!!!! Chris says that it doesnt count because he points to everything and says Book! According to my psychological research (school) babies have one word or an outlook on the world, a schema and then organize everything into that schema until they learn to differentiate. So he is right on track. Of course, because he is my son and perfect. (I am a mom I am allowed to say these things). It is so obvious that he would say the word Book as I am constantly reading to him. The only other word I would have expected is Boobie. But thankgoodness it was Book.
Another developmental milestone happened yesterday, his top right tooth popped out. I knew it was coming as he has been a little crabby as of late. So now right on time for the pictures at his first birthday he will have 3 little teeth smiling at us!!


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