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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birthday!!! and more LEGO

It was my son's birthday yesterday and I let him know that we are going to LEGO KidsFest this weekend. (Hurry if you want to get tickets as they are sure to sell out!!) He was so excited!
As usual he got some really great sets as gifts and I didn't even see him until he was finished building. I really was amazed at how much he has grown.

When we first started building with LEGO bricks he would always need my help. Now, as a tweenager he is able to build really complex sets in record time. The best part is how it really boosts his confidence. (not to mention his imagination).

I bought him Cloud Cuckoo Palace from The LEGO Movie. He really wanted a Uni-Kitty mini figure and that is the set that has her. I pulled my mom magic and had The LEGO store call me as soon as the new sets came in (as they were back-ordered) and got my mom to pop in and grab one minutes after I got the phone call. (thanks mom!!)

My grandmother bought him another set, the Castle Cavalry. It's really neat as it is a 2 in 1 so he built it one way today and said that he wants to try and build it the other way tomorrow.
He also got a CHIMA set from his friend. This one was a little tricky, but he was super proud of himself after he figured it out.

Of course my other boys were really jealous of their brother and all the stuff he got for his birthday, but I made sure to pull out all of our LEGO and try and make other lands for the boys to all play together.

Nothing is better than the silence and quiet cooperation that LEGO brings (I would step on many a LEGO brick to get that regularly!!!)

I really can not wait to see what my kids will build at LEGO KidsFest. The monochromatic area is where I think we will set up shop for most of the visit, well that and the MINDSTORMS area.
I will be writing up a blogpost as soon as we get home to review our visit so make sure that you check back on Friday night to get the scoop on what my kids thought of LEGO KidsFest and it's visit to Calgary.


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