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Monday, September 23, 2013

My Last Birth Story - The birth of Audrey Jean

Well, I had been having braxton hicks pretty regular for weeks so when I woke up on the morning of the 22nd with more of them I just ignored them. I did feel like absolute crap and went to have a nap right after I woke up. I posted a depressing status about morning sickness returning and went to sleep for an hour. When I woke up it was 11am and they had still not subsided. We went to do some errands and I felt really tired. They were super consistent at 2 mins apart and 1 min in duration. So when we got home at about 12:30pm I called my midwives just to tell them that the BH were not stopping. They asked me to eat, rest and drink water and call back in an hour. 
My midwife actually decided to call me back before the hour was done and asked if they had stopped - which they had not - so she drove over (40min drive - Thank GOD it was a sunday). 
She got to my house around 4pm and we talked about what was going on and she asked if she could check me - even though it kinda inconclusive for 4th babies. I was 4 cm - and so she asked how my labours usually go - I told her they ramp up after the kids go to bed so we made a plan for her to come back around 7:30pm/8pm just to see what was going on. 
I had an hour long nap and then walked and walked around my room listening to my awesome playlist - no change - just WAY more pressure - I felt like my water would break any second....and at 7:30pm when my littlest son fell asleep it did. 
All over my bathroom floor. 
I frantically called the midwives and my doula and everyone made their way to my house. The contractions stopped for about 30 mins, and then picked up again once my doula and midwives made it. 
I just kept walking for about an hour - they were stronger but still really manageable - I was waiting for them to hurt like my last birth - but they didnt. 
At 9pm I got in the tub and stayed there until I was 8 cm. I didnt feel any contractions in the tub. It was amazing. I was irritated that it was taking so long and I was SO SO tired. I kept asking just to sleep. 
I decided that the tub wasn't making them strong enough to do anything, so I got out and was given some homeopathics and flower essence to speed them up..... I stalled completely, and when checked it was because her head wasnt on my cervix and there was too much forewater - so my midwife asked if she could break it - and I agreed. 
I still had pathetic contractions and so I did about 4 flights of stairs to try and get her head on my cervix. That worked and the contractions picked right back up. Back to 2 mins apart and 1 min long. 
I was offered the tub again, but I just wanted it done so I declined and kept walking and walking. 
The contractions started to ramp up (I am sure I was at 9cm) and I started to complain about doing it again, and feeling the panic, and not wanting to do anything but sleep. I started to have to lean on my husband and my doula used counterpressure on my back as I could no longer walk through them. 
I had about 5 contractions leaning on him, and then 2 on my hands and knees. I complained pretty loudly at this point. 
I asked my midwife if I could push and she said sure, so I climbed up on the bed and started pushing.
For some reason the contractions during pushing hurt - but if I pushed with them it didn't - which is something that I did not have happen before. 
I have to say that the push before crowning made me cry and doubt myself - but everyone was so supportive and my husband held me so tight (we were spooning) that I went by pretty quick. 
It was 10 mins of pushing and she was out.
Since we wanted a water birth - we did not protect the mattress - so it's a write off..... ;)
All in all, it was a great birth. Second best for me. No tears, no stitches and 4hrs of active labour... pretty great for the last one! 


Merry said...

I am so happy for you! I can't believe you are already writing about it. :) You are super mom for sure. So glad you and your little girl came through it all with flying colors and in only 4 hours. Can't wait to meet her!

Samantha Nickerson said...

Like Merry said, I am completely amazed you have the story written. Glad to hear it all went well. Sorry about the mattress! ;)

Heather said...

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful, just like her mama.

Stacey said...

Wow. Beautiful. Can't wait to meet her! Blessed be.

Kat said...

Wonderful story! And you are quite an inspiration getting it all down so quickly. Welcome to the world, Audrey!

Paola Andrea Galindo Cuervo said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!

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