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Friday, July 20, 2012

Review - The Wok Box

One of the biggest challenges with changing our eating habits as a family is eating out.

We love to eat out and try new things, and honestly sometimes my husband and I are so lazy that we enjoy food that is already made. Before becoming vegetarian we ate out at least twice a week…at least.

We have now been vegetarian for a little over 6 months… We have saved a ton of money by not buying meat and by not eating out..but we really miss the fun and ease of it.

The thing with us is that there are still plenty of "vegetarian" options at fast food and restaurants but, and it is a BIG but, my oldest son and myself have a dairy allergy; so anything with cheese it out…and we all know how many veggie burgers have cheese on them - almost ALL of them.

This is why I was so happy when we found Wok Box. We had driven past it a million times but never went in. When we went for the first time we saw that there was Asian and South Asian cuisine - but the menu was a little hard to figure out and so we basically ordered vegetables, teriyaki sauce, and noodles…for everyone.

The Restaurant
On our last visit the menu has changed for the better.

The Menu & Open Kitchen

You can now choose any of the dishes, ANY of them, with noodles or rice and then choose any protein. They even have Tofu!!! This is huge deal! For those of you who don't understand vegetarian/veganism, tofu is not readily available in most places. I have actually only found it in organic grocery stores "to go" items - and a couple Thai places. So to have it as an option to add to any dish is awesome!

The Singapore Cashew (used to be chicken) with Tofu!!!

If you add a fountain pop with a samosa or spring roll (both vegetarian) and you can combo it to make it a little cheaper. (kids meals come with orange or apple juice boxes)

I am so impressed that we will probably make the Wok Box our go to place when we are looking for "faster food". The best part is that it is still pretty healthy (minus the pop), with vegetables, sprouts, sauces, rice or noodles, and tofu or nuts.

The kids devouring the "Jungle Noodles" with veggies & teriyaki sauce with tofu thrown in (no charge)

Green Dragon Booth
The kids love the noodles, they get hidden veggies and protein and that is a bonus for me. They love that all the booths have different coloured dragons above each one. (the green dragon booth is a favourite). My middle child also loved that there was a stool (and a change table) in the bathroom so he could reach to wash the sauce off his hands.

The only downside is that it is just as expensive as any medium range restaurant - we paid close to $50.00 for all 5 of us - so $10 a person - which isn't bad - but most fast food comes to $30 for our family.

I also disliked that it was either booths or tables but no highchairs anywhere to be seen. My littlest is 2 and so standing on a bench eating noodles (stringy noodles at that) makes for one heck of a mess to clean up. (and yes, I do clean up those messes - I used to be a server.)

And really, how cute is this? 
The best part is that they serve the kids meals in these little to go boxes that you can clean out afterwards. My kids put their special "car toys" in them as a carry case. 

All in all it is a really great place. The one by us is walking distance and the atmosphere is sophisticated, yet kid friendly. I would rate it as a 9/10 - and only because of the highchairs.


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