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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review of My First Crayola - Mess Free Marker and Paper.

I am not one to usually to do reviews but I promise that this is one that you will want to read to the end.

This review is on the Crayola "My First Crayola - Mess Free Marker and Paper."

I bought this particular product as my youngest loves to colour and his favourite canvas is my walls and so I thought that this particular product may be the very thing to teach him that paper is the way to go!

It's a cute marker. Looks like a cow, easy to hold and when paired with the paper it colours a rainbow.

We got to use this product for the first time at my older son's school as there was an important Parent Council Meeting that I did not want to miss and I did not have a sitter. I thought that surely the marker, some of the special "mess free" paper and a couple toys would help to keep them busy - it did - for about 20 mins… which is a great thing… point 1 for the Crayola marker!!

It actually kept my middle son really busy for a little while. He loved to remove the cap and scribble like mad and then give his creations to his friends.

He would giggle like mad as he was drawing and I really enjoyed watching him get som much pleasure from such a cute and easy to use art utensil. Point 2 for Crayola.

After he had been drawing for a couple minutes he came up to me and asked, "Mom, Do you know how this guy makes rainbows?"

I replied, "well, the paper is rainbow and the marker just shows you the rainbow where you draw on it."

He responds, "No. Like how he *makes* rainbows."

I say, "No, honey…why don't you show me."

He then shows me the little cow and says, "Well, mommy…first you have to take his pants off and then colour rainbow with his penis."

I sit trying hard not to burst out laughing (remember that I am in a meeting), although it was really difficult with the other moms around who had overheard as well.

He continues, "Mom! Mom! He PEES out the rainbows!!"

He then sits back on the floor and starts to draw again, giggling to himself and quietly whispering "pisssssssssssss" as he continued to happily draw on the paper.

I let him, point 3 for Crayola… capturing the true essence of what engages a 4 year old boy.

I for one have no idea why he would think it was a penis…. do you?? (lol)

So for my review.
1 star for being cute.
2 star for being easy to use.
3 stars for shooting rainbows out of a cow's penis much to the delight of little boys everywhere!!


Shantelle Malley said...

WOW!!! That was so adorable, after the "bad" day i had that was honestly just the laugh i needed so thanks so much for that!

Erinn Bosch said...

That took awesome to a whole new level. As I drive through the country I"ll have no choice but to keep an eye out for cows peeing rainbows!

The Domestic Mum said...

I love how 'simple' kids minds are...they always seem to point out 'the obvious' that we never see!! haha thanks for the laugh to start my day!!

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