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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ignorance is not bliss - It's irritating.

I have been participating in a local mommy board for a couple months. It is one of those facebook groups with a whole swack of new moms. So being the type of person I am wanting to support and help other mothers I stay on to help let them know that it gets better… lol
Anyway, some topics get me hot and bothered. One being birth - since every single person it seems has an epidural and then *surprise* an emergency C-birth… (but they dont see the correlation), or the other wonderful topic of Circumcision.

Here is the deal. I get that it is *somewhat* popular in our culture to circumcise. I also get that moms usually leave the decision to the dad - and if he is cut then so will the baby.
I did not circumcise my boys because I believe it is body modification, it costs $100, and I don't own their penis.
His body - his choice.

Now, I get that there are some deeply rooted misconceptions out there - and if you circumsised your child - then that is fine. He is a man - and most likely he isnt going to care anyway…and as most of my parenting philosophy goes - if it doesn't affect my own children then I dont need to put *so* much effort into it...also what is done is done.

What gets me going though is this misinformation wrapped up in anecdotal examples. Just because some cousin/brother/friend/husband etc. etc. had to get circumsied as an adult does NOT mean that every boy child needs his foreskin cut off.
Most likely they needed the circ because of IMPROPER care of the intact penis.

Which is another thing that makes me crazy! Moms who either a. dont have an intact penis, b. have a son who doesn't have an intact penis or c. are not taking proper care of their son's intact penis - are spouting off how to care for a penis as if they actiually know!!

Here is the deal. My oldest son actually HAS a tight foreskin, its genetic and he may have to get a circ at some point - but we are hoping with steriod creams that this will not happen…. needless to say I have been researching intact penises for 7 years….

So today, when on this forum a mom said "you have to push back the skin to clean it." UM NO!!!!!
but you know "her doctor said it was okay." My doctor has said some pretty dumb things because she is a human and humans can not know everything (contrary to popular belief that a doctor is all knowing).

So we went back and forth and finally the thread was deleted. What ticks me off the most is that she ended with a "I guess all families have different opinions."

How to care for an intact penis is NOT an opinion. It's the same across the board. LEAVE THE FORESKIN ALONE. period.

Seriously. It's not up for debate. By pushing back the foreskin when it has not retracted by itself causes damage *increasing* the risk of a circumcision.

You can see articles here, here, here, and here. (and those just scratch the surface of the hundreds that ALL say the same thing.)


Sam said...

Also the doctor that is generally giving the advice on caring for an intact penis, doesn't likely have one himself. I hear you, this is a constant source of irritation for me, along with hearing about "uncircumcised" penises. How does one "uncircumcise" a penis exactly? It's not even a word!

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