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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Guilt is a mom's right!

Last week I posted about how great Keenan was when being looked after by another caregiver all day. I was so proud of myself and my parenting.
NOW, today is day 9 of Keenan being watched by my mom all day from 6am-6pm. And he is not adjusting well (an understatement). Keenan is usually a very "well behaved", "sensitive", "empathetic", "easygoing", "happy" little boy. These last couple of days however, he has been "angry", "agressive", having meltdowns and biting me (not while nursing).
What happened to my little boy? Is this just because there has been so much change? Is this his way of expessing his anger of not having me around? I only had to work/school for this one week and then I am back at home full time. Is it too late? How do I get my boy back? I
feel so guilty.
The only positive outcome of this experience is that Chris has seen the emotional change in Keenan and is concerned and not happy, and he has sauid that he liked it better when I was at home taking care of him, so now he doesnt want me to work full time out of the home. :)
A little victory on my part, but not worth the emotional upheaval for Keenan.

PS. Am I reading this right(acting out because of me not being
there)? or is this "normal" for a 14month to act this way??


Morgan said...

Just a few more days right?

If you need any help this weekend let me know - we are home all day both days :)

I think it is fair to assume that Keenan is a little bit upset about the fact that this week has been so different from what he is used to.

I imagine that your increased stress (being a working mom is not easy) has been a little hard for him too. Kids take a alot of cues from thier parents - if you are stressed then he might be feeling a little bit unsure of the situation as a whole.

Bottom line is... this week has been new and different for all of you but most of all Keenan. Once you guys are back into that familiar routine he will be the same old kid you are both used to :)

Hugs - I know this is week has been hard on you guys!

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