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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Body Size

Well, as you can tell I have been unable to get to my computer to write anything. Keenan's feeding issues are still there as he only gained an ounce last week. But I think it was all the stress..we just bought a house! I will write more on that later.
Keenan doesnt sleep well during the day and we are busy packing to get out of here in 10 days. Hopefully.
I am not sure if this feeding issue is even an issue as Keenan is a small baby and I have always been on the small side. I was 80 pounds in grade 5. And my BMI was 19 (should have been 24) before I was pregnant. I am going to have to start asking more questions as it is becoming increasingly more interventionist. I just feel like if he is growing and gaining weight, what is the issue?


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